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At West Virginia University, each day holds new promise, new opportunities to make a difference. We are a campus community that seeks to improve and better the world around us – through education, healthcare and prosperity. We do that by living our Mountaineer Values of Service, Curiosity, Respect, Accountability and Appreciation. And we power forward together with Purpose.

Knowing one’s purpose – whether as an individual or as a University – is the foundation upon which we build and grow. It’s the driver that pushes us upward and onward. It’s the reason we come together. And now, West Virginia University is going to garner that power of purpose to transform higher education. To transform lives.

In partnership with the Spence Group, West Virginia University is going to create a space that embodies and brings to life the power of purpose. By leveraging all the facets of the University – academics, wellness, student experience, research, alumni – WVU will develop a place where you can discover and explore your own passions and purpose, and also gain an understanding of how they contribute to the greater good of the University and the global communities around us.

We are just beginning this exciting work. If you would like to be involved in working groups and planning sessions, please complete the form below. The more voices we have in the development of this project, the more integrated purpose will become in our daily lives. And if you would like to share your story of purpose, we’d love to hear it. You can click on the form below to do that, too.

As Mountaineers, it’s not surprising that we are creating the first space dedicated solely to helping people find their purpose in life. After all, Mountaineers go first. But we also go together. And together, we can create a vibrant space to ensure that everyone finds their path – and their purpose – at West Virginia University.