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At West Virginia University, each day holds new promise, new opportunities to make a difference. We are a campus community that seeks to improve and better the world around us – through education, healthcare and prosperity. We do that by living our Mountaineer Values of Service, Curiosity, Respect, Accountability and Appreciation. And we power forward together with Purpose.

Exploring your purpose – whether as an individual or as a University – is the driver that pushes us onward. It propels us to try new things, to become more than we thought we could be. And that is why West Virginia University is going to use the power of purpose to transform higher education. To transform lives.

In consultation with the Spence Group, WVU is creating a place for exploration and connection. The ultimate goal? We want you to spend time in self-discovery so that you know who you are and what drives you. Once you know that, you can apply those insights into everything you do from academics to health and wellness and from the student experience to networking and career preparation. And we’ll be there to help make the connections you need to be successful.

As the doors to the Purpose Center open, we know that the work ahead will evolve. As our campus changes, so should the offerings within the Purpose Center. If you would like to be involved in working groups and/or focus groups, please email us at the address below. The more voices we have sharing in this vision, the more integrated our purpose will become on campus.

As Mountaineers, it’s not surprising that we are creating a space dedicated solely to helping people explore their passions and purpose in life. After all, Mountaineers go first. Let’s go.