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It’s a journey. Not a destination.

Just as your favorite food or music genre may change over time or with new experiences, so will your dreams and aspirations. Discovering who you are, your values and the strengths you lean on will guide you on your path of self-discovery. Understanding your purpose is a journey. And our purpose is to help you explore yours. 

More About the Purpose Center

Graduates with high purpose in their work are almost 10x more likely to have high overall wellbeing.

Request a Purpose and Fit Coaching Session

If you would like to meet with a staff member from the WVU Purpose Center to discuss options for discovering your "why" and connecting to WVU resources to help you get there, you can request an appointment on the form below.

Purpose and Fit Appointment Request Form

Request a free1-on-1 Strengths Coaching Session

If you would like to dig deeper into your CliftonStrengths® assessment results, you can sign up on the form below to meet individually with a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach. This opportunity is free for WVU students, staff, faculty, and alumni.

Individual Strengths Coaching Request Form

Meet a few of the Mountaineers who have found their calling and are now re-envisioning the future.