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Explore Your Strengths

Why CliftonStrengths®?

CliftonStrengths® is a science-based tool for you to utilize on your journey of purpose. Learning your top strengths will give you insight into your unique talents, to help you learn more about what you’re naturally good at. Your talents are naturally recurring patterns of thoughts, feelings and behavior. The CliftonStrengths® Assessment will give you the opportunity to learn more about yourself and how you work and interact. By leaning into your strengths, you’ll be able to grow and develop your skills to help you continue to pursue the things you're passionate about as you build community.

Getting Started

To utilize CliftonStrengths® on your journey, email to take the assessment and meet with a certified Gallup® Strengths Coach. The online assessment takes about 30 minutes and is provided at no charge for WVU students, faculty and staff.

You’ve taken your strengths, now what?

If you’ve already taken your Strengths assessment or are interested in learning more, there are many options available to continue using Strengths as a tool to explore what you're good at and the impact you can have both as an individual and on a team. Much like purpose, Strengths show up holistically and we can invest in them through academics, careers, wellness, and social interactions.

Individual Coaching Sessions

In these 45-60 minute sessions, you can learn more about your individual strengths, how they work together to help you be successful, how they might get in your way, and how you can apply them holistically. You can  fill out this form to register for a individual strengths coaching sessions with a WVU Gallup® Certified Strengths coach.

Team Coaching Sessions

Investing in our strengths helps us understand not only how we show up for ourselves but how we show up for others. Learning to appreciate our own strengths and the strengths of others can help us form stronger more productive partnerships. Consider signing up for a team session individualized to your team needs.  Sign up for a group session to learn more about how the individual strengths of your team work together to build strong community.

Workshop Series

There are many ways to continue investing in and developing your strengths. Through the Purpose Center and campus partners, we’re excited to offer specific sessions for students, faculty and staff to build on your strengths knowledge and help you leverage what you’re naturally good at in areas such as communication, leadership, teambuilding, and wellbeing.